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DISNEYLAND MOBILE ORDERING | What You Need To Know About Mobile Ordering Food at Disneyland | Gluten Free Disneyland

What You Need To Know About Mobile Ordering Food at Disneyland 

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Since the reopening of Disneyland, dining in the theme park has slightly changed. While you can still make reservations for select restaurants, the quick service options are currently limited and mobile ordering your food is the preferred route. Mobile Ordering food at Disneyland is not difficult and actually takes a lot less time if you are Gluten Free. I want to share what you need to know about mobile ordering food at Disneyland and how to make it a smooth transition.

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Before Your Visit
My first suggestion is before your Disneyland visit download the app and get familiar with it. Play around with mobile ordering to check out what locations are open and to check out the allergy menus. Most of the locations will have a gluten free menu in the app.

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How do I use mobile order?

  • Select your Restaurant to Mobile Order from in the Disneyland app.
  • Choose your time slot (I suggest choosing a early time slot before you are hungry)
  • Select from the Gluten Free menu only to guarantee it will be safe.
  • When it’s your time hit the I am here button.
  • The app will alert you when to go to pick up window. 
  • Cast members are there to direct you to the correct spot.
  • If you ordered from the allergy menu it should arrive with an allergy tag on the item.

  • Pro tip:  before you are actually there hit that I am here button because it could take longer for them to prepare your food.

How long are the Wait times?

There have been several people reporting very long wait times to order food. The Mobile order pick up times are going to vary depending on several factors the crowd level, time of day and the popularity of the restaurant. You don’t necessarily need to set up all your mobile orders at the start of the day but if you have a particular restaurant in mind you might want to select it. For example, Tropical Hideaway (where the dole whip’s are) gets extremely popular so they might have no available time slots if you decide you want one at 7pm.

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Do you trust mobile order will be free from cross contamination?

Yes, If you have any concerns before picking up your order you can always request to speak with the chef. You can ask to see the ingredients list if a chef isn’t available. However, mistakes can happen at any time just keep that in mind. Only order from the allergy menu to ensure the food is in fact allergy friendly (obviously water and soda is fine even if it isn't listed on the allergy menu). I mobile ordered my entire trip and didn’t have any issues.

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If I mobile order but need to customize something like “no avocado” or no cream…can I still utilize mobile order and then when it’s time to check in tell them to exclude?

I believe there is a comment section when you place your order to leave your requests. I would highly suggest letting the cast members know before your order is ready for pick up to verify or make any modifications.

What if I can’t make it to the time I selected?

No problem, if you end up being on an attraction during your pick up time you can always change it to another time slot. I was told if you change your mind you can cancel the order completely, you might need to ask a cast member for assistance.
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How do you pay with mobile orders? Can you use Disney gift cards?

Typically you pay for your mobile order with your credit card listed on your Disney account. Yes, you can add Disney gift cards and Disney Visa Rewards Redemption cards to your Disney account but they also require a credit card as a backup on the account. I was told by a friend who has used Disney gift card to mobile order that you will need to re-enter the gift card or Disney Visa Rewards redemption card each time you make a purchase. So keep the gift cards or gift card numbers on hand if you plan to use them with your mobile orders. The easiest and the preferred route when mobile ordering is to use a credit card.

What happens if my phone battery dies or I have more complex allergies?
In some locations they still allow you to walk up to order, be prepared for longer than usual waits. In the case where the restaurant only accepts Mobile orders I have been told if you have a special circumstance like dead phone battery or more complex food allergies that they will work with you to get your food order.

I picked up my food via Mobile Order, where do I go to eat?

At the time I wrote this the rules are you must be seated or stationary off to the side to eat or drink. You can not eat or drink in a queue either. Obviously these rules might change in the future as the CDC and the state of California lifts the Covid Restrictions.

Depending on which restaurant you ordered from some of them will help you find seating in the designated area. There are also plenty of tables and chairs all around the park to sit down and enjoy your meal. Some popular spots like at Tropical Hideaway it might be difficult to find a table but if you walk just a little ways you almost always can find a bench to sit down.

Mobile Ordering food at Disneyland has actually been available since 2018. I've used it multiple times both pre-pandemic and on my most recent visit in May 2021. I feel like mobile ordering my gluten free meals has personally saved me a ton of time and I can do other things like ride an attraction while I am waiting for my order. Pick up is much easier than my previous trips as they now have cast members directing you and checking to make sure you get the correct order.