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Mickey's Tales of Adventure Breakfast Buffet | Storyteller's Cafe | Gluten Free Review | Disneyland Gluten Free

 Information and personal review of gluten free options at Mickey's Tales of Adventure Breakfast Buffet at Storyteller's Cafe.

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Start your day at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa with Mickey Mouse and some of his closest pals. The cozy Craftsman-style dining room is a warm, friendly backdrop to your buffet breakfast adventure.  Wave to Mickey and his friends as they make appearances during your breakfast feast!

Mickey's Tales of Adventure Breakfast/Brunch Buffet

  • Character Dining Table Service
  • Advance Reservation is recommended
  • Mickey and Pals are available during the Breakfast and Brunch times only

Hours of Operation: 
  • Breakfast Menu is 7am - 10:55 am
  • Brunch Menu is 11 am - 1:30pm

 (Magic Key & Disney Visa Discounts are available)
  • Breakfast $29 per child (ages 3-9) & $49 per adult plus tax & gratuity
  • Brunch $29 per child (ages 3-9) & $51 per adult  plus tax & gratuity

  • Click Here to View the regular Menu online
  • Most of the food is on the Buffet but there are some items you can order with your server (kinda like a secret menu)

  • Juice, Soda, Coffee, Tea, and Water are included in your meal
  • Non-Alcoholic & Alcoholic Beverages are available for additional fee

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What options are Gluten Free?

First off after you are seated request a consult with the Chef. The Chef will come out and show you what options are Gluten Free on the Buffet.  The Chef will also tell you if accommodations to Buffet items can be made in the kitchen and brought to your table. I was impressed that most of the Buffet is Gluten Free, however there are not any signs indicating what is gluten free so you will need to listen carefully.

Don't forget to Check out the Secret Table Side Menu and Ask the Chef what options can be made gluten free. Not everything can be made gluten free but most of them can.

Here were some of the Gluten Free options available on my visit during BRUNCH:

On the Buffet
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Egg white Fritatta
  • Bacon
  • Sausage
  • Breakfast Potatoes
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Green Bean Salas
  • Citrus Potato Salad
  • Carved Meats
  • Chile Verde Chilaquiles (might be cross contamination from fryer in kitchen)

Ordered Table side from Secret Menu
  • Gluten Free Mickey Waffles
  • Gluten Free Pancakes
  • Avocado Toast on gluten free bread
  • Eggs Benedict on gluten free bagel
  • Smoked Salmon on gluten free bagel
  • Gluten Free Muffin
  • Vanilla Yogurt parfait (no granola)
  • Salmon Poke

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Which option is better Breakfast or Brunch?

It's been many years since I did breakfast only option and on this visit I reserved Brunch. First off at both breakfast and brunch the Characters are out to visit with you at your table.  With Brunch you get both the Breakfast menu and few more options that are more like Lunch.  In my personal opinion I would choose Brunch!

chip and dale with girl

Are Characters Back and Which ones are at Storytellers?

Yes Characters have returned to the Storytellers Cafe as well as HUGS, photos and autographs!  The Characters are only out during Breakfast and Brunch.  You are welcome to take photos and video with your personal camera. The characters are quick since they have so many tables to visit, so keep your eye out, however if you do miss a specific one find the Cast Member that has a Character Attendant badge to let them know and they will make sure to send that character your way if possible.

On the day we visited the Characters that were available were Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Chip & Dale.  Since this Character Dining is called Mickey's Tales of Adventure you can guarantee Mickey Mouse will always be there.  I am not sure if other character rotate or not.

Overall Personal Thoughts

Prior to my visit other gluten free community member have told me the gluten free options were not great especially the waffles. Some have reported they were disappointed the server only brought out 2 gluten free waffles. I went into this experience with an open mind and with low expectations.

I was extremely impressed with Storytellers Cafe Character Dining experience.  I am not sure why people don't understand the concept of a buffet, it's all you care to eat.  Sure they may have only brought a couple gluten free waffles per person to start with, however, if you enjoy them you can always order more.  I completely disagree what others have stated about the gluten free options.  The gluten free waffles were pretty good and the gluten free options were plentiful! I made sure to try as many gluten free options as I could but I got full fast.

As for the Character interactions, they were the BEST!  I got to HUG characters for the first time in over 3 years.  I love how even though we were table of adults each Character made sure to interact with us in a special way.  I even had the most magical moment when Chip & Dale happened to be close by and they came together (which they don't typically do at the tables) to take a photo with me because I was wearing a Rescue Rangers T-Shirt!  I had a blast and I 100% would recommend this Character dining option!