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Disneyland Fantasmic! Hungry Bear Dining Package | 2022 | Disneyland Gluten Free

 A gluten free review of the Disneyland Fantasmic Dining Package at the Hungry Bear Restaurant 

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A Delicious Dinner and a Spectacular Show!
Feast on a full tasty lunch or dinner and secure great views of Fantasmic!—a musical pyrotechnical extravaganza—with one convenient package.

There are several dining packages at Disneyland's Fantasmic! In this blog post I am going to focus only on the Gluten Free On-The-Go dining option at the Hungry Bear Restaurant.

show ticket

Know Before You Go

  • Reservations must be made in advance up to 60 days prior to visit
  • Adults $35 & kids $25 (ages 3-9)
  • Park Admission & Reservation Required 
  • Gluten Free Accommodations are made on site with Chef (no need to email in advance)
  • Each meal Includes a Paper voucher to view the Show in an assigned viewing area
  • Cancelations accepted 1 day prior or there will be a $10 fee per person for NO SHOW
  • Meal times are chosen when Booking Reservation (3pm-8:30pm)
  • Check In for Reservation 15 minutes prior to your Meal Time

Reservation and Show Times

Your reservation will include a time to pick up your food. Meal pick-up times are normally 3:00 PM to 8:30 PM, though times may vary based on the Fantasmic! schedule. Reservations made for 3:00 PM through 6:45 PM will include a voucher for entry into the reserved viewing area for the first performance of Fantasmic! that evening. Reservations from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM will include a voucher for entry into the reserved viewing area for that night's second show.

watching the show

This was my view, if I arrived earlier I could have gotten the front row but the 2nd row isn't bad.

Viewing Area

On the voucher it will tell you what time and where to arrive.  Typically they will have you line up next to the Harbor Galley restaurant area which is across from the Haunted Mansion. Don't be too discouraged if the line is long.  I can tell you if you get there too early for the first show you might be waiting a very long time because they have to wait on the Fire Marshall to give the OK for all the show pyrotechnics.  I got in line about 750pm and they didn't start to let people into the area until shortly after 8pm for the 1st show which started at 9pm.

For most of the dining packages you will be seated on the ground for the entire show. Each area is assigned based on which dining package you purchased. Hungry Bear is to the left, Blue Bayou middle and River Belle Terrace is to the right (the River Belle premium package is seated at the restaurant tables).

seating map for show

Viewing Area Seating Map:

Yellow- Hungry Bear
Blue- Blue Bayou
Red- Riverbelle Terrace

See the Umbrellas off to the right? That is the Premium Dining package at the Riverbelle Terrace where you actually are seated at a table for the show. This package is the most expensive with a slightly obscured view of other guests walking by.


Gluten Free Friendly Options

These options have changed drastically since my last visit 3 years ago.  Everything used to be Gluten Free but now not so much.  I highly suggest speaking with the Chef about your needs and what accommodations can be made for you.  The chef I spoke with (Chef Andrew) was very knowledgable about Gluten Free, Celiac and Cross contamination Safety.  He let me know there is not a dedicated kitchen and no guarantee that cross-contact will not occur.

The Cross Contact Allergy statement is a warning on all allergy friendly food at Disneyland but it doesn't necessarily mean your food is unsafe to consume.  The Chefs at Disneyland are highly trained on how to limit and prevent cross contact when it comes to different food allergies. Feel free to read more here.

When Speaking with the Chef about the Gluten Free Friendly options here is the information I was given:

  • Celiac guests are highly suggested to Order from the Regular Allergy Menu not the Fantasmic one
  • The Ribs are NOT Gluten Free they are first fried in a shared onion rings/chicken fryer/oil
  • The dessert is NOT Gluten Free and the Only sub is Fruit
  • Meal includes a fountain beverage or water
  • Broccoli and Potato Salad are Gluten Free can sub for fruit if you prefer
  • Meals come in a convenient to-go style box

Adult Gluten Free Friendly Meals (make substitutions mentioned above)

  • Grilled Salmon Salad (sub dessert)
  • Carolina BBQ Half Chicken (sub dessert)
  • Impossible Sloppy "Bear-wich" can be made on gluten free bun (sub dessert)
  • Ordering from the Regular Hungry Bear Allergy Menu is an option as well

Kids Gluten Free Friendly Meals
  • Impossible Sloppy Joe Slider can be made on gluten free bun
  • Ordering from the Regular Hungry Bear Allergy Menu is an option as well

gluten free chicken meal with fruit and veggie

My Overall Thoughts

While I do admit I was disappointed that all the meals on the prefix menu and the dessert were not completely gluten free friendly, I was impressed at how accommodating and knowledgable the Chef was with my needs.  I ordered the Carolina Chicken meal and I think the chef misunderstood when I was ordering because he ended up substituting the fruit for both potato salad and the dessert (I didn't realize it until I was about to eat).  I actually took my food all the way across the park to eat in Tomorrowland so I could watch the 7pm Dance Party show.  I think most people eat their meal at the restaurant because those containers are HOT to hold, but I was on a mission.  I thoroughly enjoyed my meal it was full of flavor and not too spicy.

Would I do this again? 100% YES I would!!! The food was delicious and it is the most inexpensive Fantasmic dining option with an actual decent view of the show!  I know sitting on the ground can be uncomfortable but to not have a person standing in front of me or with a kid on their shoulders blocking my view is worth it to me!

gluten free menu graphic