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 Disneyland Plaza Inn Gluten Free Menu & Review

Plaza Inn Restaurant Disneyland

The Plaza Inn located in Disneyland Resort Park just off Main Street USA is a fabulous spot to enjoy a sit down Gluten Free meal with real silverware.  This restaurant is full of History, elegance and is one of the original landmarks of Disneyland Park.

History and Elegance

"Dine on home-style favorites in a lavish Victorian setting, one of the original landmarks of Disneyland Park. Drenched in dazzling d├ęcor, it’s no surprise that the Plaza Inn, which opened in 1955, was one of Walt Disney’s favorite places to dine.

The Plaza Inn, formerly known as the Red Wagon Inn, has been feeding hungry park Guests since opening day. Back then, a VIP lounge, wet bar and private bathroom accommodated Walt’s special Guests, and smartly jacketed doormen greeted diners at the entrance.

Designer Lillian Disney, Walt’s wife, handpicked many of the restaurant’s authentic 19th-century interior furnishings. Take note of the Victorian stained-glass ceiling, marble foyer and ornate gingerbread woodwork, which were all salvaged from an old home in Los Angeles’ historic St. James Park neighborhood."
(information from Disneyland website)

Allergy Ticket

Gluten Free Menus


In the morning you will need a reservation to dine at Plaza Inn.  It is a Character dining experience with Minnie and Friends.  Once seated inform your server that you have a Gluten Allergy and a Chef will come to your table to take your order.  Typically the Gluten Free Plate consists of Gluten Free Mickey Waffles, Eggs, Bacon, Sausage and potatoes.  If you feel uncomfortable getting items off the buffet like fruit or jello let the Chef know to bring one from the back.


In the afternoon and evening reservations are not needed and this is NOT a Character Dining.  It is cafeteria style serving, however, for Gluten Free or any food allergies you will need to Request the Chef to consult with you.  Depending on your allergies or if you have Celiac the Chef will go over your options with you.  Once you place your order the Chef will give you a ticket for you to go pay for your meal at the cashier.  The Chef will give you an estimate time frame to come back to collect your meal and show your receipt.  It can take 10-20 minutes to prepare so plan accordingly. Its often best to order your gluten free meal first and then when yours is ready have others who are NOT gluten free in your group get their food. This way you can eat as the same time as your group.

Gluten Free Penne Pasta with Roll (choice of sauce Marinara or Bolognese)
Gluten Free Pot Roast
Gluten Free Chipotle Pineapple Glazed Salmon
Gluten Free Chicken Legs (not fried)
Gluten Free Salad

plate of paste with roll

Personal Review

I have dined here for both Breakfast and Lunch. Both experiences have been outstanding in the food and the customer service. I was pleasantly surprised that even during the busy Lunch rush I didn't have to wait too long for the Chef to prepare my gluten free pasta.  The pasta was outstanding and the roll, if I didn't know it tasted too good to be true.  I knew it was gluten free because the Chef told me and it is unlike the rolls served to the non allergy patrons.

For dinner/lunch seating is first come, first serve.  Indoor seating fills up much faster but there is plenty of seating outside with lots of shade.  If your group is set on sitting indoors you might want to eat during a non busy time and have one person sit at the table while others go order and pay for the food.

I look forward to dining Gluten Free at the Plaza Inn very soon to try some of the other lunch/dinner offerings.

gluten free roll