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Gluten-Free Ice Cream at Disneyland: Hidden Cross Contact Dangers | Gluten Free at Disneyland

Gluten Free at Disneyland (Ice cream)

Imagine a hot day at Disneyland, where the sun shines relentlessly and the air is filled with laughter and joy. Amidst the magic, indulging in a refreshing ice cream treat becomes a must. However, for those who are gluten-free, it's important to note that not all ice cream options are safe.

The following is a Real conversation I had with a gluten free guest who was inquiring about Gluten Free ice cream options at Disneyland.

Guest: Hey, have you ever tried the gluten free ice cream at Disneyland?

Me: Oh yeah, I've given it a shot. But you know, I heard there's a catch to it.

Guest: Really? What's the deal?

Me: Well, it turns out that even though they offer gluten-free options, there's still a risk of cross contact.

Guest: Oh no, that's not good. So, it might not be as safe as we think?

Me: Exactly. It's like they try their best, but there's a chance that gluten could sneak into the ice cream somehow.

I'm passionate about spreading awareness to ensure everyone is well-informed about the potential risks involved. It's crucial to raise awareness and assist others in making informed decisions when it comes to navigating the tempting ice cream choices while prioritizing their health. Remember to exercise caution by carefully reading ingredient labels and, when dining at restaurants, don't hesitate to request to speak with a chef for additional clarification.

These Restaurants either do not accommodate modifications or carry a higher risk for cross contact:

  • Ghirardelli’s Soda Fountain & Chocolate Shop
  • Schmoozies!
  • Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor

These following options are either naturally gluten free, have clear ingredient labels or carry a very low risk of cross contact:

  • Pre-Packaged Ice cream on Outdoor Carts (frozen lemonade, frozen banana, etc..)
  • All Dole whip in cup
  • Soft serve ice cream in cup at Cozy cone 
  • Clarabelles Hand Scooped ice cream (only order w/chef)
  • Mickey Ice Cream Bars
  • Milkshakes (only allergy menus at select restaurants) 
  • Frozen fruit bars on Allergy menus & Outdoor carts