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Gluten Free Monte Cristo at Disneyland : Worth the hype? | Cafe Orleans

Gluten Free Monte Cristo at Disneyland 

When visiting Disneyland, the highly sought-after item on everyone's wishlist is the Gluten-Free Monte Cristo sandwich. However, this sandwich is not readily available on the menu and is more like a secret item that necessitates some pre-ordering preparations before your reservation. Is the advance planning really worth it?

What exactly is a Monte Cristo? It's a sandwich consisting of ham, turkey, and cheese or a combination of three cheeses, which is then battered and deep-fried. You can find this sandwich exclusively at Cafe Orleans and Blue Bayou. It has gained a significant following because it's not typically offered in a gluten-free version.
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I have had the opportunity to enjoy this sandwich on several occasions throughout the years, and I must say that its quality has noticeably declined. My first gluten-free Monte Cristo experience was in 2019, and it was impressively large and so satisfying that I could barely finish half of it.

Since the reopening in the summer of 2021, I've observed that the sandwich has changed. It has transformed from a fluffy, generously battered creation to a lighter, less coated version with a smaller portion. Even this aspect has been inconsistent, with the sandwich varying in size during different visits. Other gluten-free guests have reported similar experiences, including a decrease in the amount of meat filling. During my most recent visit in May 2023, I was disappointed to find a sandwich with hardly any meat filling; it was predominantly bread.

So, is this gluten-free Monte Cristo sandwich worth it? It might be worth trying once, but don't set your expectations too high. While I used to indulge in this meal multiple times a year, the inconsistency has led me to forgo the extra effort required to pre-order one.